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We are the Nordic representatives of ICAT Adesivi, which is one of the largest European manufacturers of adhesive solutions for industrial applications. Technology, innovation and experience are the value base for ICAT Norden, which in practice is what can ensure you durable adhesive solutions in your business.

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We are trained in adhesion with over 40 years of experience in the industry combined. Our subject areas consist not only of glue, but also of glue application systems, equipment, spare parts and the service for this. See who we are and how we can help you here.


I started in 1988 in the glue industry. In 1990 I established my own company, which works as a serious partner in glue and application equipment in the European industry.

Nicholas LARSEN

I am educated in application techniques, with a strong focus on customer-oriented problem solving and integration of adhesives and adhesive systems.

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Efficient and environmentally friendly adhesive solutions for industry

The industry offers many tasks, which include the use of adhesives. We offer some of Europe’s most efficient and environmentally friendly adhesive solutions for use in mass production in particular. With us you will find a wide selection of special adhesives developed for all types of tasks in any industry.



Constant development of products and solutions designed to meet the needs of the market.



Innovative solutions adapted to the individual as a result of developments in the global market.



Minimal environmental impact through renewable sources of solar energy.



Fully automated systems and market-oriented software.

Focus on quality, safety and the environment

Since 1999, we have received certifications for our efforts in production, development, work and the environment. We received ISO 9001 quality certification in 1999, ISO 14001 environmental certification in 2001 and most recently ISO 18001 safety certification in 2011.

The production at Icat is equipped with 100% solar energy

ICAT’s entire production is supplied with solar energy from 3200 solar panels, which gives a total power of 750 KW. ICAT’s initiatives for greener production and development place ICAT at the very top for environmentally oriented manufacturers of adhesive solutions.

High-tech adhesives for specific purposes

Our wide range of high-tech adhesives is designed to meet all the needs of the industry.

The continuous updating of adhesive properties and quality ensures the best results for the various industrial applications.



Hot melt glue in granules, zero packaging (silicone free packaging), drums and silicone blocks


Synthetic dispersion adhesives, both PVA and advanced EVA copolymer and acrylic based systems.


Latest generation of hotmelt based on the newest raw material technology for optimal application characteristics and oxidation stability in the application equipment to minimize downtime and maintenance costs.


Synthetic dispersion adhesives, both PVA and advanced EVA copolymer and acrylic based systems.


Vegetable adhesives (starch, dextrin and casein based)


Pasty or powdered animal based glue.


Polyurethane adhesives as liquid one- and two-component solutions or hotmelt based.

Adhesive solutions for the entire industry


Erection and closing of corrugated cardboard boxes or solid cardboard boxes. Forming corrugated boxes and cardboard trays for fruits and vegetables. Non-slip for paper or plastic bags and boxes on pallets.

Flexible packaging

Conversion of paper with aluminum foil, plastic film, PSA self-adhesive coatings, heatsel and coldseal coatings.

Paper converting

Coated, laminated or lacquered cardboard boxes. Self-closing boxes, bags or envelopes, plastic foils, window gluing, envelopes, paper bags, shopping bags, cement bags etc.


Labelling of glass, PVC, PET for mineral water, beer, wine, champagne. Labelling of PE, PP, PVC containers for liquid or powdered soaps. Labelling of cans for tomatoes, fruits and other foods.

The tobacco industry

Cigarette and filter production, hard and softpack packaging of cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco as well as gluing of cartons.

Hygiene articles

Baby and adult diapers, sanitary napkins, disposable mattresses for hospitals, etc.


Spine glue, side glue, casing in adhesives, laminating of displays, lamination of covers, etc. for glued or sewn books, notepads, magazines, etc.


Manual and automatic gluing of mattresses and foam upholstery, manufacture of spring core mattresses.


Industrial assembly or coupling of metals, wood, plastic, mineral fibers, insulation boards, rubber, etc.

Air filter

Hotmelt for pleating, Mini Pleat filters, Deep Pleat filters, HEPA filter pleating, air filter assembly, air humidifier, air conditioner filter and Two-component polyurethane glue for filter frame sealing.


Hot melt, solvent-free polyurethane glue, EVA and polyolefin hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive hot melt, dispersion glue. These types of adhesives are designed to cover every need in the wood and construction industry.

The construction industry

Innovative construction adhesives that include a wide range of synthetic adhesives, hotmelt and polyurethane. These types of adhesives are designed to cover every need in the construction industry.


Quality, environment and safety, three basic guidelines in the development of our company, example of a responsible and innovative chemical company.


In 1999 we received ISO 9001 quality certification, in 2001 ISO 14001 environmental certification and finally in 2011 ISO 18001 safety certification. Later, HACCP self-control system and Code of Conduct were implemented.

Find the right adhesive solution for your task

We are ready to help you if you have a query for glue or are looking for guidance on the right solution.

Find the right adhesive solution for your task